Press Releases

Press Releases

The menace is already real. The C.C.P. is increasingly exporting its model abroad. Huawei and ZTE seek to build the world’s networks; WeChat and TikTok play a growing role in online discourse; Chinese cryptocurrencies could one day threaten the dollar.

As the United States again grapples with a challenge to its principles and its power, it will have to relearn the lost art of ideological warfare. Only by challenging the basic legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party can the United

“Each period of major congressional reform in the past was also preceded by a period of profound dissatisfaction with Congress. We’ve definitely reached that point. The worst thing we can do is to ignore the American people and do nothing

Gallagher, of Wisconsin, has cemented his image as a rising star — one with an unusually independent reputation in today’s Republican Party. In an era of intense political tribalism, Gallagher is the rare House member from a strongly pro-Trump district

In a closely watched congressional race in northeast Wisconsin, Mike Gallagher correctly bills himself as a former Marine who isn’t a career politician. But he’s also a Ph.D. in international relations who enlisted while at Princeton University, learned to speak