As the Coronavirus continues to affect virtually every aspect of our lives, Congressman Gallagher has been working day and night to coordinate with national and state officials in order to secure critical care, testing, and equipment for Wisconsinites.

Congressman Gallagher has fought for public policies that support individuals and stabilize sectors of our economy that are struggling; aided families and business in the 8th District; and marshalled resources in Northeastern Wisconsin to assist those on the front lines.

When Congressman Gallagher first ran for office, he promised to treat each day in Congress as if it were a deployment. A deployment requires strong leadership under immense pressure and Congressman Gallagher is answering the call as our nation is under attack from the Coronavirus.

Specifically, Congressman Gallagher has taken the following steps:

Congressman Gallagher has worked to balance Wisconsinites’ public health with the need to reopen the economy. He has demanded the government prioritize testing and called for Governor Evers to develop a plan for how Wisconsin can open our economy.

Congressman Gallagher said in part: “To save thousands of lives, we have temporarily shut down our economy. This has been a necessary tactic, but it cannot be our permanent strategy…. Wisconsinites must think about the next phase in our response. The simple fact is: Wisconsin must work. We should look at this short-lived shutdown as a time to prepare ourselves and ready our tools to kill the virus with growing confidence. Instead of watching Netflix until the federal government saves us, we need to save ourselves.”

And he also expounded on the next steps in an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio, saying: “Once we get out of this shutdown period, whether it’s for another 30 days or longer, we need to be ready with a phased response because it’s not going to be like flipping on a switch and everyone goes back to normal. There’s going to have to be a middle ground approach. I want us to think through that right now and not be caught unaware. If you’re going to ask Wisconsinites to sacrifice, to stay indoors, to endure some intense economic pain, you have to give them a light at the end of the tunnel.”

As Wisconsin continues to rebound from the Coronavirus, Congressman Gallagher will keep fighting for the health and economic well-being of our nation and its citizens.