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Daily Caller: Gallagher Will Introduce Bill To Ban Federal Drug Purchases From China

Republican Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher will introduce a bill Thursday banning the federal government from purchasing pharmaceutical products or ingredients from China.

The bill, the Protecting our Pharmaceutical Supply Chain from China Act, was written in response to Chinese COVID-19 lockdowns, as well as the country’s economic aggression, Gallagher told the Daily Caller. China’s COVID-19 lockdowns have already created shortages in several products, including medical devices, and the country recently ordered a new lockdown in the manufacturing and technology hub Shenzhen.

“The Chinese Communist Party has threatened to withhold lifesaving drugs from the U.S. once and we’d be crazy to think they won’t attempt to do so again. Congress needs an aggressive plan to protect our critical pharmaceutical supply chains and end our reliance on China. This is a national security imperative and to many Americans, a matter of life and death,” Gallagher said.

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