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Gallagher navigates second term amid Democrat majority, 2020 campaigns

“Since his first election in 2016, Gallagher has presented himself as an independent thinker with no plans of becoming a career politician. Today, he holds a unique position within a polarized climate as someone who intends to challenge the system while also taking the stage to rally for President Donald Trump….”

“I think most people just want us to solve problems, want us to get stuff done,” he said. Gallagher views himself as someone who represents “a lot of independently minded people in northeast Wisconsin.” Such a characteristic forces him to reflect his district and approach the job differently, he said.”

“More often than not, though, Gallagher votes in line with Trump’s interests and isn’t shy about supporting him. In April, he joined other Wisconsin politicians at the Resch Center in Ashwaubenon to rally for the president’s re-election. Before Trump took the stage, Gallagher applauded the Trump administration’s support of efforts to boost the military, beat back the Islamic State and dismantle the Iran nuclear deal.

“He also encouraged supporters at the rally to be vigilant in 2020.”

“We can’t fail, because here’s what the Democrats running for president have endorsed so far: open borders, allowing terrorists to vote, getting rid of all the cows in Wisconsin, and perhaps most troubling of all, the killing of babies after they’re born….”

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