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Fox News: Rep. Mike Gallagher demands answers from Apple and NBA over China dealings linked to forced labor of Uighur Muslims

Wisconsin Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher wants congressional hearings with Apple CEO Tim Cook and the NBA’s Adam Silver over dealings in China connected to forced labor of Uighur Muslims.

“Ultimately, if they’re not willing to have that conversation, I think we have to subpoena the CEOs of Apple, Hollywood executives and the NBA just to get a better understanding for the American people about how China is leveraging its economic power to coerce American citizens and craft certain narratives that are really damaging around the world,” said Rep. Gallagher in an interview with Fox News Digital.

Gallagher explained that he would initially be open to closed-door discussions with leaders, like Cook and Silver, to answer questions about pressure that their organizations have felt from China. He added, however, that if they were not willing to have those types of discussions, that Congress should subpoena them….

“It’s about total ideological control,” said Gallagher. “A world in which Huawei and ZTE dominate global telecommunications is a world in which Xi Jinping and his Communist cadres are able to tell everybody what they can and cannot think.”

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