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Peer Support is key to veterans reconnecting back

The transition back to civilian life is filled with obstacles large and small. And just as we took care of each other in combat, I believe veterans have a duty to make sure their fellow service members don’t get left behind as they reintegrate into society. When I left the military, I saw firsthand how jarring this transition can be. I was eager to go back to school and start my life. But like many other veterans, I underestimated the scope of the changes that come with leaving the armed services….

What I’ve learned is that the best resource for a veteran transitioning to civilian life is a fellow veteran who has gone through the same or similar experience and can help them bridge the gap. After all, veterans speak the same language with inherent trust that allows them to communicate and work together.

But we don’t have enough organizations to facilitate the peer-to-peer, veteran-to-veteran mentorship relationships and help veterans reintegrate in the community.

If Washington were more like Wisconsin, we would have far fewer problems. This is especially true for our veterans, who have stepped up across the state to support each other just as they did in combat.

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