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We Are Green Bay: N.E. WI leaders discuss how small businesses can recover economically

DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) – Democrats and Republicans have different ideas about what needs to be done to get small businesses back on track after some have struggled since the pandemic began.

Representative Mike Gallagher held a roundtable discussion at AmeriLux International in De Pere with several Northeast Wisconsin small business owners to discuss the challenges they are facing and possible solutions.

“The federal government has gotten out of control with the level of regulation and the level of executive orders that are incredibly destructive (for small businesses),” said Gallagher.

Republicans say vaccine mandates and the government previously paying people to stay home from work are exacerbating the worker shortages.

Representative Gallagher also says he would like to see an investment in education to address the problem.

“Our K-12 system, I mean that’s what should be producing 18-year-olds that are ready to go directly to the workforce,” added Gallagher. “For too long, for decades now our entire education system has been geared towards sending kids to college and we’re learning that not every kid needs to go to college.” 

Link to interview here.