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Mike Gallagher: To Communist China, We All Must Say, “Hell No!”

Wisconsin Dells, WI – Today, at the Republican Party of Wisconsin State Convention, Congressman Mike Gallagher (WI-08) received a standing ovation after detailing the existential threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party and delivering a call to action to Wisconsin Republicans as the 2022 midterm campaign begins in earnest. Video of Congressman Gallagher’s speech can be viewed here, otherwise excerpts of his remarks follow:

On the fight against communism:

“The stakes of this competition are the survival of the American project itself. This is a new Cold War and I hate to tell you, but we are currently losing. We are losing because we’ve lost sight of our basic American values. We are losing because we no longer believe that we deserve to win.”

On the origin of COVID-19:

“Millions of our taxpayer dollars went to that lab in Wuhan, China, where they were doing experiments, dangerous experiments on coronaviruses. Our money was used to meddle with the primal forces of nature, in cooperation with a genocidal communist regime.”

On the GOP’s mentality headed into 2022:

“As a conservative in America today, you have to start every election with the assumption that you’re 10 points down. You must outwork, outsmart, outmaneuver your opponents every single day, all the while holding yourself to a higher ethical standard.”

In 2020, Gallagher defeated Democratic Assemblywoman Amanda Stuck by 28%. He received nearly 270,000 votes — the most in the history of the 8th Congressional District — and secured a third term with a victory of 64%-36%. Gallagher’s margin of victory and vote total were the most among Wisconsin Congressional Republicans in 2020.

The resounding victory was his third consecutive win of over 20% after defeating Tom Nelson by 26% in 2016 and Beau Liegeois by 27% in 2018.