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Meet Mike

A conservative leader, Marine veteran, and problem solver. Mike’s part of a new generation of independent leaders who are fighting to end the careerism and corruption in Washington, D.C. He’s pushing Congress to actually do its job and fix problems, rather than punting them to the next generation.

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I can’t do it without you.

Politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. seem more focused on keeping their paychecks and careers than working to address the issues we’re facing today. I’m a proven conservative leader fighting to fix a broken system in Washington, and working each and every day to build a stronger future for families in Northeast Wisconsin.


Mike’s Closing Message to Voters: The Northeast Wisconsin Way

America has a proud history of coming together in times of crisis and working together to overcome any obstacle, but right now, we seem more interested in tearing each other apart. Just turn on the TV, open the mailbox, or

Fox 11: Volunteers clean up Door Co. Republican headquarters after vandalism

“Sure, deep down inside, you don’t think this stuff could happen in Wisconsin. Right? Certainly not in Northeast Wisconsin or in Door County,” U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-8th District, said. “Within a matter of minutes people were out here,” Gallagher

WeAreGreenBay: EPA and Rep. Gallagher announce completion of Fox River Superfund Site

“The Fox River Superfund Site and Cat Island Restoration Project demonstrate that smart investments and sustained commitment to our waterways can have a tremendous impact on the health of our community,” said Rep. Gallagher. Read more from We Are Green

Fox 11: Area Army veteran presented with service medal

An area Army veteran received a special honor Thursday. Eighth District Congressman Mike Gallagher presented John Roes with the Southwest Asia Service Medal, One Bronze Star. Read more from Fox 11 here.

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