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Fox News: Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI): “We Can Save Lives Even If We Can’t Save Face” In Afghanistan

“What the heck has he been doing for the last three days? I mean, the White House released this picture of him at Camp David, which was, I think, intended to give the American people some confidence. But it had the opposite effect. They made it seem like he was just hunkered down by himself. I mean, he lost the country while on vacation and he’s nowhere to be found … But the Vice President is nowhere to be found. The White House Press Secretary is nowhere to be found. That’s really unacceptable. In times of crisis, the American people expect the President to lead, and that’s not what the Biden administration has been doing. Add on to the press conference that will live in infamy a few weeks ago where he said absolutely we will not see helicopters lifting people off the U.S. embassy like we saw in Saigon, the Taliban won’t rapidly take over the country. Secretary Blinken was saying the same thing. I mean, this is a real disaster for the White House and just the complete absence of leadership is making the situation worse.”

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