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Rep. Mike Gallagher: The President has made the right call in taking Soleimani, this is a good day

“I served mostly in the Western part of Al-Anbar where there wasn’t as much Iranian influence but certainly, if you talk to any of my Army brethren or anyone that is deployed around Baghdad or other parts of the country, the Iranians were responsible for enormous amounts of destruction. They have American blood on their hands and let’s not forget that this all started with Kata’ib Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy and a designated terrorist group, killing an American and wounding four others.

“And I’m glad that President Trump took swift action to strike back and he was absolutely justified in doing so, and I also think he and Secretary Esper deserve enormous credit for rapidly reinforcing our diplomatic personnel who are doing a very dangerous job and so, Iran’s influence has grown and grown in Iraq, under the economic windfall that they received under the JCPOA. Luckily, we have withdrawn from the deal but we have a lot farther to go in terms of making sure that they do not dominate Iraq’s politics for the next few decades.”

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